Energy management

Native smart charging

True innovation is about going where no one else envisions. Charting new paths since our inception, smart charging has become our cornerstone. Our intelligent algorithms make sure that you squeeze every last kilowatt hour out of your connection to the grid, and that those kilowatt hours are generated by the sun and the wind.


Capacity Management

More charge stations,
same grid connection

By intelligently managing the charging rate of EVs it is possible to reduce the overall demand and avoid expensive grid expansion. This significantly reduces your site and network CAPEX and OPEX costs.

Benefit from fully cloud controlled smart charging and energy management:

  • Hardware agnostic
    Combine multiple types of hardware within one smart charging group.
  • Avoid high costs
    No need to install extra local hardware or cables for load management
  • Manage at scale, remotely
    No need for on-site maintenance visits

With guaranteed grid protection, our solution is designed to work under any circumstance, even if there is a (temporary) loss of connection!

By collecting measurements on (inflexible) energy consumption or local production it is possible to further optimise the charging of EVs.

  • Building Optimisation
    Detect the power consumption of a building and automatically adjust the remaining capacity for the EVs.
  • Phase optimisation
    Automatically determine the topology of how charge stations are connected to the 3-phase grid and distinguish between 1-phase and 3-phase EVs. By this you can charge up to 3 times for EVs with the same given grid capacity.
  • Local Renewables
    Measure the production of your solar panels and match it with the consumption of EV charge stations.

AC/DC Groups

Speeding up
smart(er) charging

Our newest algorithm, designed specifically for DC charge stations, brings all of the advantages of a cloud-based solution to DC charging hubs. Now, charge point operators can sustainably expand their fast-charging network without any concerns.

Power Management

Balance the grid with EVs

When connected to the grid, EVs can act as flexible and responsive consumers of energy by lowering the charge rate when necessary. This flexibility can be monetised on energy markets, enabling lowered energy procurement costs.

  • Virtual Power Plants

    The impact of an individual EV may be small, but when aggregated with thousands of others the collective impact can be significant (and highly beneficial).

  • Day-Ahead Forecasts

    EVs can easily be charged at a different moment in time, allowing for the optimisation of energy procurement costs on the day-ahead market, where prices fluctuate hourly.

Priority charging

Accommodate individual needs

Facilitate priority for drivers that are in a hurry, or charging only when prices are low. Improve the charging experience by incorporating preferences of the individual driver.

Manage through portals or APIs

Appropriately tailored to both basic and advanced use cases. Whether you just started your EV charging business or have done it for years, our solution’s got you covered.
Use price factors, DSO data or local energy management data inputs to control the dynamic capacity limits for our smart charging algorithms, building end-to-end energy management solutions.

  • Off-the-shelf

    For those who want an intuitive interface, our web portal offers a streamlined experience.

  • API Only

    Advanced users wanting greater control and customisation can leverage our APIs.