Global roaming

Feel the freedom of our network

Through our roaming solutions, we make the vast e-mobility landscape feel familiar and accessible. As a gateway to global and local business, we ensure you can roll out your business in whatever way you want, on whatever scale you want.


  • Coverage

    The network of more than 687.000* charge points has you covered

  • Local compliance

    Meet the most stringent local requirements to scale anywhere

  • Technical flexibility

    Choose your setup with Peer-to-Peer or hub connections

  • Agreements

    The freedom to set the commercial terms of your business

*as of 03/2024


Far away,
yet so close

Whatever type of e-mobility business you run (eMSP or CPO), our network will make you feel connected. Join the list of companies connected by our roaming solution and lower the barrier to electric driving today.

A network you (and your drivers) can trust

Extending to the far ends of the European borders, our 500k+ roaming network is making range anxiety a thing of the past. We provide access to large networks like Ionity, Fastned, TotalEnergies, Osprey and EnBW, and pay special attention to the vast number of smaller networks as well. Because we know that every charge point counts on the way to your driver's final destination.

Open up

Make sure that everyone can charge at your site, with any e-mobility app or charge card. We have connections with the most important present eMobility Service Providers (eMSPs) in Europe, such as DKV Mobility, ChargeMap, Plugsurfing and many others. They take responsibility for the settlement with the driver, so you can focus on expanding your charging network.


Access the Tesla Supercharger network

Benefit from 13,000 chargers​ at more than one thousand locations all over Europe. Integrate transactions into your consolidated bill and point of interest (POI) data into your own app. This is the next phase of EV roaming.

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Technical setup

Carefree and limitless

Whichever way you want to set up your service, we make sure you can do it. Our technical and financial settlement services are the engine behind your business, the infrastructure on which your charging sessions are performed.

  • Peer-to-Peer (OCPI)

    As a co-developer of the OCPI standard, we know the fine details. Take advantage of our expertise and directly roam with any party out there.

  • Hubs

    Make a big move by linking dozens of CPOs or eMSPs to you and go. We have the largest Hubs ready for you: e-Clearing, Hubject, Gireve, Mobi.e and Stromnetz Hamburg.


This is up to you

Take matters into your own hands and make agreements with whomever you want. Maintain control over the agreements you want to conclude directly with your roaming partners. But if you’d rather opt for our great purchasing power and roaming expertise, we’ll happily do it for you. We’re not averse to taking responsibility: let us manage everything for you, including financial settlements.

  • Managed

    Rely on our excellent negotiating power and managed roaming network. We manage everything from technical connection, contracting, and financial settlements.

  • Self-managed

    Be brave and go your own way. partner with anyone and decide how you would like to run things, while we ensure technical setup with your partners.