Revenue Optimisation

Earn a return on your investment

This world is all about money sustainability. And to sustain in this competitive market, you need the tools to support your unique business model. Gain a profitable return on your investment using our extensive Billing & Payment services.


  • Tariff Management

    Transparent support of the most complex tariff models

  • Promotions

    Helping you to attract more customers, faster

  • Reimbursement

    Fair and accurate expense payments to drivers and companies

  • Invoicing

    Multiple charging sessions consolidated into a single, accurate invoice

  • Currency & VAT support

    Borderless charging with currency compliance all over Europe

  • Payments

    Offer the right payment options to keep cash flowing and utilisation growing

Tariff Management

Make your business
model flourish

Over the past few years, we managed to build a billing engine that could handle the heavy lifting. We didn't have much choice, wanting to support all our different customers and their specific business models. Now it's time for you to benefit from it.

Adjust rates to your specific circumstances at all levels: macro, meso, micro. We want you to feel free to do whatever it takes to make your business case work. Our flexible tariff setting won’t be an obstacle in this regard.

  • Tariff Setting
    Off-peak and peak hours, session duration or charging speed? You can attach a tariff to it.
  • Groups
    Organise your prices by tariff groups, depending on the type of customer you serve: individuals, fleets, private or public.
  • Dynamic pricing
    We help CPOs set different rates during a day, per charging station. This unlocks encouragement of charging during periods of lower demand and greater availability of renewable energy.

From time to time it is interesting to make your charging points just a little more interesting. Connect it to your own promotions, such as a free parking space or a sandwich. Anything that makes your sites just a bit more attractive.

  • Coupons
    Our coupons can be applied with different units: money, sessions, or a percentage (0-100%) discount. When finished, your customer will again pay the standard tariff.
  • Prepaid Credit
    Give away a certain amount to your drivers, or let your drivers choose an amount for which they can charge.

Give your charging station owners (home or office) the opportunity to reimburse the charged electricity costs. Decide for yourself whether you want to charge a transaction or kWh margin fee for this service.

Decide for yourself how to serve the diverse charging needs of your drivers. Pay-as-you go with a mark-up, or a large volume charging plan? Specific model for a certain region or only for rapid chargers? We’ll support your choices with our flexible retail module.


Create an invoice that customers pay. Gladly.

Paying customers and drivers are essential for a thriving eMobility business. That is why we spend a lot of time perfecting our billing systems. We make sure your customers get an invoice they understand and pay.

  • CDRs

    Our Charge Details Records are a bit of magic in themselves. They are created by compiling all the data from the charging process with exacting precision.

  • Validation

    As a central point of contact between CPOs and eMSPs, we want to make sure that processed CDRs are correct. We therefore flag invalid or suspicious sessions and clearly map them out, so that you can take action (in bulk). Everything to avoid sending your customers an incorrect invoice.

  • Collection & credit management

    Our services include invoicing your fleets and individual drivers for monthly postpaid payments. These invoices cover, for example, monthly subscription payments and transaction costs.

  • Currency & VAT Support

    Your customers should not be restricted in their driving behaviour: there’s a reason why it’s called roaming. Don't let local currencies and VAT application get in the way of expanding your charging services across borders.


Say "non"
to non-payment

Make sure no one drives past your charging points. Lower the payment barrier for customers by offering a wide range of payment options.


Seamlessly integrate your payment terminals

Perhaps the easiest way to enable individual driver payment for charging sessions is through their credit card or mobile phone (NFC). But not every market, location and/or charging point is the same, which is why we offer the flexibility to set up your contactless payment yourself:

Choose our cloud-to-cloud integration using one of our cashless payment providers, especially suitable when your preferred hardware manufacturer does not have a pre-fitted payment terminal.

Already have an integrated payment system and comfortable with scaling it across your network? Use our hardware-to-hardware option, where we establish a custom OCPP integration to set this up.

Direct Pay

Unlock the power of QR

No obligation or need for a direct payment terminal at your locations? Drivers can still pay swiftly and easily, using our Charge Assist (white label) mobile app or Direct Pay via Web solution. Easily accessible via a QR-code on the Charge Point, they both unlock a wide variety of payment methods.

  • Direct Pay via App

    Not only is Charge Assist the ideal companion for starting and paying for a session, it also keeps track of your transaction history and uses the map functionality to help you find your next destination.

    More Charge Assist

  • Direct Pay via Web

    The fastest way to complete a one-time payment. Drivers simply follow their charging session via the browser, and stop it anytime. A receipt is generated that can be downloaded from the browser or sent to the driver's email.

    All about Direct Pay via Web

Payment plans

All to pay for

In addition to direct payment, it can be useful to offer other payment options

  • Postpaid

    Whether you market an e-mobility service proposition yourself, or open up your charge points to third-party eMSPs, drivers have the option of authorising the charge session via the built-in RFID reader on your charge point.

    Discover our Roaming & eMSP solutions

  • Prepaid

    Let customers reserve a fixed amount in advance with which they can pay you. This way drivers do not pay more than they actually wanted to pay.