Our advanced smart charging solutions

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The leading provider of smart charging technology

Make optimal use of the existing grid and charge more electric vehicles at the same time.

The future of smart charging

In 2030, it is estimated that there will be 120 million electric vehicles in Europe, now there are approximately 3 million electric vehicles. Imagine these mind boggling figures! This means that huge amounts of electric vehicles will need charging possibilities. Energy networks need to be able to handle this without overloading.

We are leader in smart charging solutions. With our advanced technology, the charging speed will adapt itself to the amount of available capacity on the grid. The capacity will be divided in a flexible, smart way. Therefore, you make optimal use of the grid capacity.

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An endless network

Our smart charging technology is delivered from the cloud. Therefore, there are endless charging stations that can be connected to smart charging. There is no need to upgrade with expensive extensions for connection or cables – no changes to the infrastructure are necessary.

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The largest EV smart charging trial in the world

As a pioneer in the field of smart charging, GreenFlux supports the Electric Nation Project in testing our smart charging solutions. The data that is collected over a three-year period (2016-2019) help us understand the impact of the charging of electric vehicles at home on the electricity network.

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