Roaming the GreenFlux way


Unlimited charging possibilities for your customers

Our roaming services ensure that EV drivers can charge at as many stations as possible.

Open up charge frontiers

Mass adoption of electric vehicles requires not only an updated charging infrastructure, but also the development of roaming.

Your customers need easy access to charging possibilities, wherever they are. Roaming is a major necessary development to open the frontiers between charge point operators and electric mobility service providers.


The CPO in the driver seat

We want to make sure that as many EV drivers, using third party eMSP cards and apps, can charge at your stations. With our roaming connections, this is possible.

You can set the tariffs for third-party charging with eMSP cards and apps. Our platform automatically sends the invoice to the respective eMSP. Billing made easy.

Read how we did this for PitPoint >

The eMSP in the driver seat

We want to make sure that your customers can use your card or app at as many different charge stations as possible.

You are in charge of the tariffs that you want to charge for your customers at third party charging stations.

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