Our Charge Assist app

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Making charging easy for your customers

The Charge Assist app enables your customers a quick and easy way to charge.

An easy charging app for your customers

Provide your customers with an easy-to-use charging app to find your charge stations, start and stop charging and easily pay after the charge session. When joining our platform as an operator, your charge points will be visible for all EV drivers. In addition, your charge stations will be shown in your corporate identity.

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Give your customers easy control

  • Navigation towards charge points
  • Charge progress of sessions
  • Charge point locations
  • Charge tariffs of charge points
  • Recent charge sessions
  • Start/stop charge sessions
  • Use our smart charging technology

Easy and quick payments

We are using the most innovative and secure payment solutions from Google and Apple. We also have a partnership with the international payments platform Stripe. Postpaid transactions via e-mobility service providers are also possible.


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