Our platform maximizes profitability of your charging network

We offer an advanced cloud-based platform so you can easily manage your charging network.

Our white label platform

Billing, roaming and smart charging are all within reach to help you accelerate in the EV business. Offer your customers a user-friendly charging app and stay in control of your data and the management of the charging network. The platform runs in the public cloud to guarantee a high performance, security, availability and scalability.


Remote management

Our platform is fully operable from the cloud, accessible anytime, anywhere. No need to send mechanics to your charge points, as repairs and status updates can be done from anywhere you are.

Save money and time, and prevent disturbance for your customers. Our platform makes sure that your charging network is healthy and fully operable 24/7.

Transaction management

We provide the delivery of the data of the charging transactions so you are ready for invoicing. Whether it’s reimbursement billing for your employees, wholesale billing to other CPO’s and EMSP’s or retail billing to provide your customers with an invoice of their charging session – the platform supports your business model.



Our goal is to give your customers the possibility to charge everywhere, with every charging card and app on the market and provide them with transparent information about locations and tarrifs of charge points. For Charge Point Operators, our platform enables EV drivers, using third party eMSPs cards or apps, to charge at your charging points quickly and easily. For Mobility Service Providers (MSP), our platform enables customers who use your charge card or app, to charge at as many charge stations as possible.

Smart charging

Smart Charging allows you to increase the number of electric vehicles that can be charged simultaneously without making additional investments in the grid.

If loads of Electric Vehicles would charge at the same time, on the same grid, there is a chance that the energy network will overload. In order to avoid this, smart charging can be used.

Charging app

Our direct payment charging App provides EV drivers an easy way to find your charge stations and start and stop charging. Payment is directly possible after the charging session, allowing your customers a quick and easy charging session.

When joining our platform as an operator, your charge points will be included in the charging app, with your own corporate identity, without additional costs.

Interfaces with other systems

Your customers will stay your customers. Our platform can be linked to grid operators, energy companies, payment service providers, apps or proprietary systems such as CRM and ARP.


Tailor-made portals for the management

of your charging network

We offer both outsourced as well as fully self-managed packages of the platform, fitting to your business needs.
Users access the platform through a variety of portals designed for operators, service desk, technical support, installation companies and customers.


  • Managed by GreenFlux
  • Control of all OCPP commands
  • Managing of charge point network
  • Managed service retail billing
  • Managed service wholesale billing
  • Managed service usage reimbursement
  • Managed service charge cards
  • Smart charging
  • Set-up tariff per charge point
  • Interfaces with other systems


  • Managed by customer
  • Create and manage sub CPO network
  • Managing of charge point network
  • Retail billing
  • Wholesale billing
  • Usage reimbursement
  • Issue charge cards
  • Smart charging
  • Set-up retail packages and products
  • Interfaces with other systems