Nowadays the use of electric cars and thus the use of the Dutch and European charging infrastructure is increasing daily. This means that the number of charging transactions is increasing rapidly as well. And this also raises strong interests for a well-functioning system that handles these transactions in a reliable and fast way with the market parties. Meet the GreenFlux platform. A proven solution to handle those transactions from a CPO perspective as well as eMSP perspective.

One million and counting

On a yearly basis the GreenFlux platform is handling over one million transactions of connected operators. This means nearly 3000 transactions a day. The GreenFlux platform is capable to receive transactions in many ways. We calculate transactions to the wholesale market, calculate transactions towards the end customer (EV-driver) and summarize all the transaction flows in different kind-off reports. Can it be any easier?

Managing all kinds of transactions

The platform receives the charging transactions in multiple ways. First of all, by a direct connection to the charge point towards the open protocols OCPP1.5. Or, in case that you are a CPO, OCPP1.6. Another way to receive transactions is via a GXF designed and proven Provision Interface, between your CRM system and the GreenFlux platform. We use this protocol to connect eMSPs towards the platform. Last but not least we are using the connection via a Roaming Hub. GreenFlux’ platform supports an OCPI connection to eClearing and an OIPC connection to Hubject. Via OCPI it is also possible to make peer2peer connections and share transaction data.

Fast, reliable and flexible

Then if the transactions are in the GreenFlux platform, our billing engine starts to process the transactions in a reliable way, but fast way. This billing engine gives you the flexibility to handle all kinds of chosen tariffs. It is no problem to handle a kWh based tariff, time based tariff, flat fee or even a combination of those components. If you are an CPO, the transactions that have taken place on your network are broken down to the correct service provider. So that they can be settled with these service providers. This way, the service provider is able to invoice the end customer as well. And so you can be sure that all transactions that have taken place in your charging network can be settled. Which means guaranteed income from your charging network.

Price packages that meet your needs

From a eMSP perspective it is possible with the GreenFlux platform to configure different price packages towards your end customer. For example; you can configure extra “bonusmiles” or a free amount of charging sessions for individual customers. You are also able to chose your own standard tariffs and define different user groups with different price packages. End bill this packages by our retail billing engine towards the customer. It is even possible to connect to your CRM or own billing engine, to make sure that we align with your business processes. While our platform is connected to a wide range of charge points, via the hubs eClearing and Hubject, your end customers as access to a European wide charge network.

Our solution, your wish

Concluding, with the increasing amount of charging sessions many parties are facing an important quest; How to handle all those charging transactions? With the proven technology of GreenFlux you are able to settle the transactions in a fast and reliable way with market parties.

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