Management (at scale)

Scale up your charging network

Making sure you can expand your charging service at the right pace, that's what we care about. Manage thousands of charge point locations and tokens in your own unique way.



Instantly deploy your
charge stations

Being in charge means your commands are followed seamlessly. Our Infrastructure & Charge Station Certification technology are key in supporting these commands, making sure you can deploy your network in no time.

Tailored to your geographical focus and chosen charge station hardware, we choose the best network solution:

  • DataCom
    Leverage our reputable IoT provider to connect your charge stations.
  • VPN Integration
    Easily switch existing datacom contracts and SIM cards.
  • Secured Websockets
    With Transport Layer Security (TLS), we make sure all communication is securely encrypted.

With our extensive GreenFlux certification tests, we ensure that all your charge points respond the same to your (OCPP) commands, saving time in managing your network. Plus, we offer extended Eichrecht compliance, smart charging and payment terminal compatibility tests, to ensure you can meet market regulations, provide transparency to end users and implement the best energy management practices.

Discover our list of Certified Charge Stations

Location & Station Management

Yours to control,
yours to manage

None of our customers are the same. And yet each succeeds in serving their own customers by leveraging the power of our platform. The flexibility to unlock every e-mobility use case, and to manage them alongside one another, is what we're known for.

  • Configuration

    Create the perfect setup via our platform. Indicate available facilities, opening hours, or even your energy mix: it’s all up to you.

  • Batch automation

    Geared up to perform large-scale firmware updates, charge point migrations and more, here is where you'll work smarter, not harder.

  • Authorisations

    Ease the charging experience for certain drivers. Our authorisation settings give you powerful options to restrict or open access to increase your utilisation.

  • Tariffs

    Determine the financial model that suits you and your target group. Explore our Billing & Payment solutions.

Diagnostics & maintenance

When an issue is
no real issue

Not only will you know exactly how your charging network is doing, but you'll be able to act immediately when something is wrong. Or even, find out that our software has already solved the problem for you.

  • Monitoring
    Whether you use our Data APIs leveraged in your own portal or our comprehensive EV Portal, you will always know how your network is doing.
  • Preventive Maintenance
    Our platform performs frequent checks to automatically detect and resolve irregularities. Quite peaceful, right?
  • Issue Resolution
    Be notified automatically and resolve issues quickly by using our remote command tools. Or schedule a maintenance moment for multiple chargers and give your customers location-specific transparency in your app.
  • Fleet Management

    Fleet dreams are made of this

    Get a grip on your customers and your customer's drivers. Our fleet management tools make it easy to manage millions of tokens, wherever they roam.

    Driver Management
    Link your CRM with our platform and build the best end-to-end customer onboarding, loyalty and experience.

    Billing Rules
    Meet individual customer needs by defining specific tariffs for specific customers.

Tenant Management

Boots on the ground

The bigger your network grows, the bigger the need to differentiate and manage your network at a local level. We supply the tools to enable your team to take the necessary actions on the ground, freeing up time for you to grow the network even more.

  • CPO Management
    Increase the recognition of your local brands by assigning sub CPOs in your network.
  • Roles & Permissions
    Empower your own and third party teams (such as service partners and hardware suppliers) to make the right decisions by assigning the right responsibility on global and local levels.

Reporting & Analytics

Optimise network performance with smart insights

Gain the knowledge needed to make the right decisions. Conveniently available in our EV Portal, or custom-implemented in your own system powered by our data APIs.

  • Reporting
    Stay informed and make data-driven decisions with our comprehensive and accurate reporting tools.
  • Analytics
    Unlock the full potential of your charging network data with our advanced analytics tools.