As the market for EV charging grows and matures, EV drivers adjust their expectations of the service that is offered to them.

In fact, this happens in every market as it gets ready to shift from early adopters (technology enthusiasts and visionaries) to the early majority (the pragmatists). Suddenly, it no longer suffices that the EV driver just found a charge station along the highway or managed to get a public charger installed close to home. It has to be reliably available and there can be no surprises. Transparent pricing is key.

In many international markets, pricing is determined by at least two parties: the operator of the charging infrastructure (CPO) and the eMobility Service Provider (eMSP). This leads to a near infinite range of possible pricing schemes, with dynamic elements that are sometimes hard to communicate between CPO, eMSP and EV driver.

GreenFlux helps CPOs to provide more clarity to EV drivers. One of the solutions GreenFlux offers is the Charge Assist mobile app.

Charge Assist

Charge Assist Pay is a plug and play mobile payments solution that CPOs can easily activate on charge stations managed with GreenFlux. GreenFlux has partnered with Stripe to set up a payments platform that can transfer payments from EV drivers directly to CPOs, including a live payments dashboard. Credit card or Apple / Google Pay payments from EV drivers on CPO networks will automatically appear on this dashboard.

Example of Stripe dashboard for Charge Assist

Figure 1. The dashboard offered to you as a CPO

Easy setup

Setting up mobile payments with GreenFlux can be done in a few steps:

  • 1. As a CPO you will receive an invite to set up your own Stripe dashboard which is automatically connected to the GreenFlux platform.

  • 2. We advise you on pricing for mobile pay customers, with a simple set-up.

  • 3. From our platform, you can extract ready-made QR stickers or you can choose to create your own.

  • 4. EV drivers scan the QR code on your chargers or find the chargers in the Charge Assist app, see the tariff they will pay and press ‘charge’.

  • 5. After the charging is done, the payment will be handled and immediately visible in your dashboard.

Your user experience

  • 1. An EV driver arrives at your charge station, which is equipped with a QR code.

  • 2. The user opens the iPhone camera and scans the code.

  • 3. The user had not yet installed the Charge Assist app, so the code automatically redirects to the Apple App store.

  • 4. After getting the app and noticing how easily the small app is downloaded and installed, the user is automatically redirected to the charger connected to the scanned QR code.

  • 5. Before even adding Apple Pay as a preferred payment method, the user already sees and accepts the tariff that the CPO asks for Charge Assist mobile payments.

  • 6. After pressing start charging, the user puts away the phone and charges happily.

Charge Assist QR sticker

Figure 2. A preset QR sticker

Some of the other features

These features are immediately available to your customers with GreenFlux Charge Assist.

  • Tight integration with GreenFlux Smart Charging

  • Use the charge card of the hundreds of worldwide GreenFlux roaming partners

  • View live and historic charge sessions

  • Add your branding inside the existing Charge Assist app or develop your own app on the Charge Assist API

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