We recently moved to a new office. The move was celebrated in style and fervour with music, drinks, and food!  

It’s been almost three months since the move, and we are very much settled. Though we work hybrid, when we do arrive in the office we notice how the space truly reflects us. The well-thought-out move was planned considering every aspect, from carpets to flooring to our mission, vision, and purpose.  

To add to that, the new office space is agile and designed not just as a place to work but as a space to create value for clients, partners, and employees.  

We are reminiscing about our workspace story so far and how the new space is truly us. And we decided to share it with you. 

  • GreenFlux's new office
  • Employees collaborating at GreenFlux's new office
  • An employee's dog at GreenFlux's new office
  • An employee at GreenFlux's new office
  • An employee presenting in a meeting at GreenFlux's new offce
  • Employees attending a meeting at GreenFlux's new office

Agile workspace: Creating value 

At GreenFlux, what binds us together is that we, together as a team of teams, are helping accelerate the transition toward sustainable mobility. We are a bunch of innovators enabling the smartest e-mobility services.  

According to a recent McKinsey report, successful agile transformations increase customer satisfaction and operational decision-making by 30%. Our new office adapts to the changing needs of our employees and customers. It offers complete flexibility and optimal use of space, offering operational efficiency. Most importantly, our new space focuses on value, not just productivity, for employees, in more ways than one: 

Culture of collaboration: The office space has meeting rooms, a boardroom, flexible desks, and focus rooms to concentrate. It is a modular set-up that can be adjusted according to the requirements of the employees for workshops, demos, customer meetings, or any other needs. It is easy to quickly connect remote colleagues into an in-person discussion when needed.  Our space encourages teams to collaborate based on shared experiences. As the workspace has unassigned seating, employees are encouraged to move freely around the office and work from the space that suits them best at any given time of the day, when in the office. 

GreenFlux's new office

Improved quality: At the new GreenFlux office, the way of working and physical environment is always improving. With employees working next to each other, there are increased opportunities to share knowledge and support each other, leading to better quality work and employee relationships. 

Better response time for customers: There is constant feedback from team members in regard to resolving customers’ concerns. This leads to better response times for customers and quicker implementation of their feedback. 

Better communication: Flexible helpdesks facilitate better communication among all employees in the company, rather than only within team members. 

Green life: Plants are known to increase employee productivity by a measurable amount, according to numerous studies. Our new office also has well-taken care of green friends. 

GreenFlux colours: The office décor in our company colours, not only reflects our identity but also helps employees feel vibrant and connected to the company. 

Employees at GreenFllux's new office

With cross-functional teams working together to deliver smart solutions that meet changing e-mobility industry expectations, the new agile workspace promises quicker solutions, optimised resources, and maximum value.  

Overall, we, as a team of teams, are happily satisfied with the improved, well-designed, and modern collaboration and supportive environment at our new workspace. This motivates each one of us to come to work and create value for our clients, ourselves, and each other. And, hopefully, nobody is missing the dungeon.  

Would you like to be part of our growing team and enjoy our agile workspace? 

GreenFlux offers exciting opportunities for talent in mobility and energy! Look for opportunities here 

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