GreenFlux has launched its new generation of electric vehicle smart charging controllers. The new generation of controllers combines connectivity (supporting open OCPP protocol), modular design, scalable architecture as well as German Calibration Law (ger. “Eichrecht”) readiness. Mounted inside the charge point, the controller becomes the digital brain, providing intelligence and connectivity.

GreenFlux offers four new models in its new controller line. The DUO, which supports dual socket charging stations, suitable for busy office parking and public spaces. The PLUS, a single-socket controller, fully customizable and ideal for public spaces. The COMPACT serves smart home charging stations, where a more advanced intelligence is required. Finally, the START is ideal for basic home stations.

“The new smart charging controller product line is fully modular, meaning, we are able to serve virtually any charge point manufacturers’ needs,” says Jurjen de Jong, Co-Founder of GreenFlux. “The electric vehicle charging industry is entering an accelerated growth phase. We are still far from a stable technology and standardization. Companies need to continuously invest in and develop their expertise to keep up and benefit from this growth”.

Interestingly, the electric vehicle charging industry benefits from open standards (e.g. OCPP or OCPI), that, especially in Europe, but also elsewhere encourages solutions for interoperability. Nevertheless, these standards continue to evolve. Companies like GreenFlux continuously invest in and develop sophisticated charging solutions and applications. An example of that is smart charging, allowing for a significant reduction of grid capacity requirements.

“GreenFlux commits to providing top-notch controller solutions offloading its customers from heavy and risky R&D investments” says de Jong. “Charge point manufacturers can really concentrate on delivering what they are best at: differentiated charging station products”.

With its renewed controller product line, GreenFlux intends to attract the entire spectrum of buyers. From small charge point manufacturers, through medium-size companies to big industrial conglomerates. In addition, GreenFlux is able to partner and offers tailor-made controller solutions, based on specific customer requirements.

Published On: October 11th, 2018 / Categories: GreenFlux, News /