GreenFlux charge cards and mobile apps now provide access to more than 110,000 charge points in its pan-European roaming network. Additionally, the always-growing network managed by GreenFlux and its customers, already 20,000+ charge points strong, is now accessible to more than 1 million EV drivers. To achieve these milestones, GreenFlux works together with 525 roaming partners and all major roaming hubs in the EV industry. The connected network allows EV drivers to seamlessly charge in more than 23 countries across Europe including Finland, Spain, and Austria.

GreenFlux has connections with all major roaming hubs including Gireve, Hubject, and E-clearing. By utilizing data from these providers, GreenFlux is able to offer users access to IONITY, E.ON, FastNed, Corri-Door, and all other major high-power charging networks supported by major European partners (including Eneco, Ladenetz, NewMotion, and Allego). All popular charging cards and apps on the market – such as Chargemap, ChargeNow, Freshmile, and KiWhi – can also charge on the GreenFlux roaming network.

GreenFlux’s Jurjen de Jong:

“We want to make electric driving the new world standard by offering EV drivers the best possible charging experience with seamless access to roaming for EV charging. Drivers should be able to charge on all networks with one card or app. This can only be done by working together with our customers and partners in the e-mobility industry throughout Europe.”

Extensive roaming contracts do not only benefit EV drivers but also GreenFlux’s customers, i.e. leading Charge Point Operators (CPOs) and eMobility Service Providers (eMSPs) from the Automotive, Utility, and Oil & Gas industries. For CPOs, this means that they can increase their revenue by opening up their charging network to guest users with external charging cards and apps. For eMSPs, their charge cards and apps can serve a significantly larger audience by accessing external charging networks throughout Europe. With GreenFlux’s roaming connections, both CPOs and eMSPs can offer their users access to an extensive EV charging network with minimal effort.

GreenFlux will continue to expand its international roaming connections by encouraging other parties to open up their charging networks, providing an unparalleled user experience to EV drivers in every corner of the world.

Published On: October 22nd, 2019 / Categories: GreenFlux, News /