GreenFlux has launched its EV charging app, Charge Assist, an easy-to-use charging app for EV drivers to find, charge and pay at charging points. The app aims to make EV charging as simple and quick as possible for EV drivers.

With Charge Assist, EV drivers are able to navigate to available chargers, charge their EV and pay right after their charging session. Information about the location, availability and tariffs of charging are available real-time. Charge Assist offers direct payment methods via credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal and charging cards. Furthermore, EV drivers have insights in every detail of their charging sessions, both historic as well as active sessions.

Charge Assist also integrates the smart charging solutions that are offered by GreenFlux. The EV driver has real-time charging insights in what the smart charging technology does for the charging session. The EV driver itself can interact with smart charging, by setting when they want to charge. Moreover, the user is able to request priority charging, increasing the speed of their charging session, powered by the GreenFlux Smart Charging framework. Charge Assist users can rate each charging session, providing Charge Point Operators (CPOs) with valuable feedback to help them improve their charging network. CPOs can also choose to use closed user groups, limiting charger availability to a restricted set of fleets.

Charge Assist is designed with the user in mind, making charging as easy and hassle-free as possible. The app makes use of the extensive charging network of roaming partners from GreenFlux, enabling EV drivers to use their charging card as a payment method in the app. As for payments, GreenFlux has partnered together with the international payments platform Stripe to offer innovative and secure payment solutions to Charge Assist users. A PCI and PSD2 compliant solution was devised that lets GreenFlux transfer payments directly from EV driver to a CPO.

Charge Assist is offered by GreenFlux to Charge Point Operators to bring a broad set of innovations to their charging network and it promises to keep adding charging networks to the app in the coming period. Moreover, more payment methods and new functionalities will be added to make EV charging even easier.

Published On: October 20th, 2019 / Categories: GreenFlux, News /