GreenFlux’s leading smart charging technology used in the biggest smart charging trial in the world.

The Electric Nation project is the world’s largest EV trial, engaging 700 electric vehicle drivers. With the project we’re developing the necessary smart charging solutions, to facilitate electric vehicle uptake on local electricity networks. The participants in The Electric Nation project were lucky to be the first ones to try the GreenFlux Electric Nation app!

The app provides EV drivers enrolled in the Electric Nation projects with insight in their smart charge, and the option to request priority from the GreenFlux smart charging algorithm. When EV drivers are in a hurry and need their battery charged as quickly as possible, they can now request high priority from the GreenFlux algorithm with the app. The algorithm then makes sure their EVs are charged extra fast, while respecting limits imposed by the local electricity networks. Additionally, the app tells users the current charge rate and whether their charge session is temporarily limited by demand control.

Published On: February 2nd, 2018 / Categories: Blog archive, GreenFlux /