GreenFlux, a leading provider of EV charging platforms and smart charging technology, today announced the signing of a definitive agreement to sell its Dutch Charge Point Operator (CPO) and E-Mobility Service Provider (eMSP) division to Joulz. This divestiture allows GreenFlux to fully focus on the continued development of its EV charging platform and the international growth of the company.

In 2011 GreenFlux started offering EV charging infrastructure to EV drivers, fleets and building one of the first charging networks in the Netherlands. Today, GreenFlux is an international frontrunner in the EV market, offering software platform solutions to manage charging infrastructures for electric vehicles. The platform enables operators of charging infrastructure to remotely manage charge points, process transactions and utilize smart charging to adjust the charging speeds to the capacity of the electricity grid and local energy generation. Its products and services are offered to leading charge point operators, e-mobility service providers and companies of the utility, oil and gas and automotive industries over five continents.

Jurjen de Jong, Chief Executive Officer of GreenFlux, said: ”We had 9 years of experience deploying smart charge points in the most advanced electric driving market in the world. We’ve applied this experience to help our platform customers, who want to optimize their operations by leveraging our smart EV charging software. But now, GreenFlux is in an accelerated scale-up phase to roll out its platform across selected key markets in Europe, Asia and the United States. That is why we have decided to divest our Dutch Charge Point Operator and E-Mobility Service Provider division. The proceeds will fund GreenFlux towards the future and provide the means to focus on enhancing our EV charging platform and growing that business internationally. Our CPO and eMSP division is mainly active in the Netherlands, with a charging network of approximately 3,000 charge points. The new owner, Joulz, is ideally positioned to let this business grow further.”

Jan Verheij, Chief Executive Officer of Joulz, said: ”The demand for electric transport is increasing rapidly. Not only is the growth in electric company cars increasing, but we see demand growing in the transport and public transport sector. This means that much more charging infrastructure is also needed. Through the acquisition, Joulz enhances its expertise to deliver this important part of the energy transition to our customers. We are entering the next growth phase with Joulz to realize our strategy: Joulz is turning ON new energy.”

As result of the transaction, Joulz has become an important customer of GreenFlux, utilizing the EV charging platform to manage their charging network in the Netherlands. Both parties will continue to closely work together.

Published On: April 1st, 2020 / Categories: GreenFlux, News /