Unveiling our GreenFlux Brand Identity

GreenFlux's new logo

As we close out 2022, we are proud to share our new GreenFlux brand identity with the outside world. Why this change? Simple. We felt our outward representation didn’t match the core essence of GreenFlux. So we set out to address it.

GreenFlux's old logoWhen GreenFlux began in 2011, we set out to build a network of accessible charge points in the Netherlands. Our target audience was comprised of EV drivers - early adopters who shared our passion for driving electric. We operated our own charging stations throughout the country but also offered roaming services with our GreenFlux charge card so that subscribers could access other networks as well. Our identity related to that audience - our charge points were recognisable in the field, and our customer promise was to make charging simple and easy.

As the years progressed, we gradually started working with other charge point operators, and businesses who needed a better way to manage their charge points and give access to drivers to their growing networks. Eventually, we realise that was the direction in which we wanted to grow. GreenFlux decided to focus solely on providing charge point management software. We divested our own CPO and EMSP business in 2020, shifting from working with drivers to businesses operating large networks.

Even between that step and now in 2022, we've evolved rapidly. We've continued building out our services and expanded our offering to eMobility service providers as well as CPOs. We offer one of the most comprehensive and powerful eMobility platforms available in the market. Our customers depend on us to help operate efficiently and deliver outstanding driver experiences in a complex and fast-paced environment.

Quite simply, we had grown away from our identity. Our customers' experiences did not reflect how we represented ourselves.

Moving forward

To find an identity that fits GreenFlux in the present, we explored our customers' experience with our people, our platform, and the services we provide.

We gained a deeper understanding of the unique characteristics that motivate us and connect us together. We reaffirmed our direction and ambitions for the future.

GreenFlux is pragmatic idealist delivering smart, real-world solutions that shape the future of eMobility. We love our customers and work together to make a real difference in the world. For 11+ years, we have pursued the vision to empower sustainable mobility for all – towards this, our commitment has never wavered, and never will.

And now we see this GreenFlux essence reflected in our visual identity. We hope it feels as true to you as it does to us.