Smart Charging: The Path to Profitable DC Solutions

Smart Charging webinar details

GreenFlux Webinar Summary

Our latest webinar provided valuable insights into the world of smart charging. Discover our extensive expertise in this area and receive a concise overview of the latest trends and knowledge with our summary.

Together with GreenFlux CCO and MD, Suthalan Gnanes, and Product Manager and our Mr. Smart Charging, Bob Elders, we explored:

Our cloud-based smart charging solution for both AC and DC chargers,

  • the differences between the two, and
  • why using the right algorithm is essential for optimising efficiency.

With the European Parliament having passed a law mandating the presence of fast chargers every 60 kilometres across Europe, DC chargers are increasingly in focus. This raises the question: How can we make this not just technically possible, but also economical and profitable?

Our answer: smart charging.

Watch the recording: Smart Charging: The Path to Profitable DC Solutions

Smart charging is about increasing or decreasing the maximum charging power of an electric vehicle.

The webinar explained the differences between AC and DC chargers to highlight the significance of different smart charging algorithms. For instance, one of the primary distinctions lies in the duration of charging sessions along with the amount of power.

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Furthermore, AC chargers are recognised for their relatively extended charging periods, typically spanning from 8 to 12 hours. In contrast, DC chargers offer rapid charging, completing a session in as little as 37 seconds. This notable variation in session duration arises from the fact that AC chargers are designed to achieve a full charge, while DC chargers often charge EV batteries up to 80%.

Given these distinctions, it becomes evident that using the same algorithm is not efficient. We identified the need for a cloud-based, hardware-agnostic smart charging algorithm specifically for DC chargers to maximise efficiency and user experience.

The use of smart charging supports the business case of locations with DC chargers. This eliminates the need for grid expansion to meet the rising demand and reduces costs for distribution system operators (DSOs).

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Ultimately, by developing a customised DC smart charging algorithm, we mark a new milestone in our mission of enabling the smartest eMobility services in the world.

Smart charging is essential for CPO business. And the right algorithm is essential for smart charging. — Bob Elders, Product Manager, GreenFlux.

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