GreenFlux has one of the biggest EV roaming networks in Europe

A GIF showing GreenFlu'x EV charging network on a Europe map

The e-mobility industry is growing extremely fast. The number of electric vehicles (EVs) and charge points is increasing every month.

The market is expanding not only in existing segments but also in new ones. There is strong interest in charge points and services for electric trucks and larger fleets. As volumes grow, markets that were once niche are expanding and becoming vibrant, resulting in new entrants into the market. This further leads to the development of new business models and customer needs.

To support the existing and fresh industry requirements and fast acceleration to sustainable mobility, GreenFlux helps its EMSP and CPO customers deliver on their promise of charging anywhere, anytime, through our roaming network.

And our roaming network is spread across Europe.

Our EMSP and CPO customers do not need to establish hundreds of technical connections and contracts or worry about compliance or financial settlement with any external networks. We do all that for them.

By opting for our managed roaming service, CPO and EMSP customers give their EV drivers access to GreenFlux’s extensive roaming network. This is different from self-managed roaming, wherein customers choose to manage their own roaming partner agreements.

And the good news is that now we operate one of the biggest EV roaming networks, with over half a million charge points spread across Europe.

500,000+ EV charge points and counting!

We have come a long way. Our roaming network consisted of around 185,000 charge points at the end of 2021. We witnessed exponential growth, almost tripling the number of charge points within two years. And this does not stop here.

We added more than 30 partners in 2023 itself. We will continue to expand our network and help our partners make on-the-go charging easy for their drivers.

There are a number of differentiators for EMSPs in this young but fast-growing market, and of those, the size of the network is probably the most important and certainly the most visible one — Rutger Plantenga, Managing Director and Chief Product Officer at GreenFlux.

Our extensive EV roaming network

We are constantly investing heavily to have good coverage in all European markets.

‘While some markets were historically less open to roaming, we now see all markets gradually opening up. Even so, significant investments are going into being compliant in every market, both from legal and fiscal viewpoints as well as in terms of the technical standards used,’ added Rutger.

With new partnerships, we have nearly 100 percent roaming coverage in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, and Austria. And we are fast expanding in other countries, such as Spain, Norway, Hungary, Sweden, and the UK, to name a few.

In France, we expanded rapidly this year by signing new contracts with sustainable partners and growing our network with the existing ones. EV drivers of our customers can now charge stress-free in France thanks to our new contracts with Endesa, Power Dot, Electra, and QPark, to name a few. This year we also grew our network size with Alizè Libertè, Belib Paris, Driveco, Freshmile, and Indigo Park, among others.

We have always had a comprehensive roaming network in the Netherlands. But now our EMSP and CPO customers can promise 100 percent coverage to their drivers as we signed new contracts with some smart partners like Awesems and Robo Charge, among others.

On similar lines, EV drivers of our customers can access most of the biggest, fastest, and most reliable EV charging networks in Germany and Austria.

We now have partnerships with SMATRICS EnBW, which operates one of the largest high-speed charging networks in both countries.

We further expanded our network in Austria with our existing partners, such as EVN, Salzburg AG, Wein Energie, and Tiwag, to name a few. Our network also marked massive growth in Germany by adding several charge points to our existing collaboration with Mer Germany, E.ON Drive Infrastructure (EDRI), EnBW, INOITY, and Smartlab.

Phone screen next to a Source London Charge Station

Another country where our customers can promise 100 percent coverage for their drivers is Belgium. This year we signed new contracts with Bluecorner, Powerdale, and Q8 Electric. And expanded our network with existing partners like Amano, Energytix, Optimile, and Q8 Electric.

The numbers are constantly increasing elsewhere, too. We signed and grew our network in Spain, Norway, Hungary, Sweden, and the UK, to name a few.

We now have roaming partnerships with Vattenfall InCharge (Sweden), TEA Mobilitas (Hungary), Electromaps (Spain), Endesa (Spain), Iberdrola (Spain), Wenea (Spain), Power Dot (Spain), Source London (UK), Osprey (UK), and Ubitricity (UK).

Roam freely: Eliminating charging anxiety

Roaming enables EV drivers to charge outside of their immediate network, in different locations, using their existing e-mobility apps and charge card services, or using any other payment method. The fear of not being able to do so is what gives them anxiety.

Our mission is to eliminate this very concern by offering an extensive roaming network to the EV drivers of our CPO and EMSP customers.

In addition, while contributing towards improving the EV charging infrastructure, EV roaming also enables new revenue streams for CPOs and helps them stay ahead of the curve in the industry.

With our roaming-as-a-service model, both our CPO and EMSP partners can offer leading roaming coverage under their own brands, pricing, and propositions. Plus, they can monetise their business quickly and effectively and scale operations.

Do not hesitate. Reach out!

Accelerating the transition towards sustainable mobility since 2011, GreenFlux now enables a roaming network of 500.000+ charging points accessible to millions of drivers throughout Europe.

Are you our platform customer and wish to expand your roaming network? Or are you a CPO and want to open your network to millions of our partners EV drivers? Reach out!

We provide CPOs and EMSPs with the flexibility to decide their own roaming contracts and run their businesses the way they want to. We offer roaming service options for partners to:

  • Leverage our existing 500.000+ charge point network.
  • Negotiate their contracts while we manage the technical connection.
  • Tap into new revenue streams.
  • Make their charging network visible and accessible.
  • Increase the use of charge points.
  • Attract new drivers.
  • Strengthen the loyalty of existing customers.