GreenFlux 2022 in review: Year of success & new identity

A collage of different achievements by GreenFlux in 2022

It is that time of the year when we express gratitude and reminisce about how the year has been.

As we say goodbye to 2022, we would like to thank each one of you from the bottom of our (green) hearts for walking with us toward a sustainable, better future. We are extremely grateful to all our clients, followers, peers, and partners for being part of our green journey.

We started on a mission more than a decade ago – to accelerate the transition toward sustainable mobility. Some of you are part of our journey since then. Others joined us on the way. We are proud to be where we are now, along with your partnership and collaboration in our shared purpose.

2022 has been a very, very special year for us for more reasons than one. We strengthened ourselves, not just as a company, but as a team of teams. We realised our core of empowering sustainable mobility for all. And we re-committed to our mission of enabling the smartest e-mobility services in the world.

Today, we take this opportunity to reminisce about how we fast-charged ourselves this year.

We drove fast!

The GreenFlux team is happy and proud to add many customers, such as team energie and Powered by Zeno, and ambitiously expanding their charging and driver networks. We are pleased to add value to the green journeys of our already existing customers. And we are gratified to be serving a huge charging network spread across Europe with over 10 million charging sessions this year alone. We are indeed driving quite fast!

We forgot about range anxiety

GreenFlux massively expanded its roaming network spread across Europe this year. And it is growing while you read. Courtesy of new agreements, EV drivers of our EMSP customers can now access more than 344,000 charge points across Europe. A big thanks to our new roaming partners – Osprey in the UK, Mobi.E in Portugal, Stromnetz Hamburg in Germany, and Elocity in Poland, among others, for supporting our mission. Because of you, we and EV drivers across Europe have almost forgotten range anxiety.

Improved our competency

We improved our smart charging technicalities, billing, and payments, and succeeded in migrating several charging networks to our platform. One among many is Eneco e-mobility’s charging network of 3,500 charging points from legacy systems to our platform.

Additionally, to help our CPO and EMSP clients provide clear and transparent invoices to their customers, we supported them with a transaction validation system. The system performs over 200 checks designed around a deep analysis of millions of historical data.

Furthermore, we made it possible for CPOs to share their power supply and energy profiles in the EV-driver apps, thereby meeting the new data transparency regulations.

The e-mobility industry is evolving at lightning-fast speed. We are keeping up with dynamically innovating and improving with the industry developments. 2023 will be a year of many more improved competencies.

Eneco eMobility charge station

A team of teams

Our smart team has grown at a super-fast speed. This year, 36 employees from 17 different countries (yes, you read that right) joined us. We are a strong and committed team of teams.

Would you like to be part of our growing team and enjoy our agile workspace? GreenFlux offers exciting opportunities for talent in mobility and energy! Look for opportunities here.

Networking at events

Every year, we participate in e-mobility industry events and have enlightening conversations with our peers and partners. This year we did the same, notably, we were at ICNC, EVS35, EVIEs, and eMove360. ICNC was a bit more special for us as we were there together with DKV Mobility. Our smoothie station was a hit at the event. As they said, grape minds think alike!

GreenFlux new logo

Revealed our new identity

We revealed the #trueus. We felt our outward representation did not match the core of GreenFlux and we set out to address it. The new identity truly reflects us.

Moved to the new office

We moved our headquarters to a brand-new office space in the Johnny River building in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The stunning contemporary design 100% reflects our identity.

Read: New office - Truly us and space to create value!

Gained recognition

This year we were again recognised as one of the top companies driving the ongoing energy transition.

Global Power & Energy Elites 2022 by Clarion Energy and Smart Energy International featured GreenFlux’s smart energy management solution in one of the most innovative projects in the world. We are proud to see our efforts being recognised in the energy market.

Read here (pages 86-87) the report.

Spreading awareness

We are in the industry for more than a decade. We understand the e-mobility world and the intricate nuances involved. We talked about everything that the industry players wish to know – from calibration laws to the trends in the industry. And we will continue to do so. Stay updated, and follow us on LinkedIn!

We had fun

We worked and worked hard. Likewise, we grew exponentially, expanded globally, shared expertise, and were recognised, but we also had fun. We participated in the EV experience, where we learned a lot about electric cars and practically experienced the bliss of driving them on the circuit.

We then concluded 2022 with a big bang winter wonderland party and made some interesting ice sculptures.

In the end, we are grateful and satisfied with all that we did and achieved. Thanks again for being part of our journey. The year 2023 is in front of us, and we are committed to creating a better, sustainable world. Let us continue inspiring others and spreading green hearts.

GreenFlux's new logo is seen as an ice sculpture