EV charging solutions for charge point manufacturers

GreenFlux helps you get ahead in the EV market. View our range of smart controllers to enhance your charge points.
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Helping charge point manufacturers ahead

The EV business has become very competitive for charge point manufacturers and products required significant differentiation to be successful. Whether you are an electrical equipment manufacturer, energy company, automotive Original Equipment Manufacturer, we have got you covered with our solutions.

Whether you are planning to develop smart, connected home chargers, office chargers or public chargers, GreenFlux has a wide range of Controllers to help you enhance and complete electric vehicle charging value propositions. Utilizing these solutions and components, GreenFlux helps companies to quickly start and scale up their electric vehicle charging business.

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Important functionalities for charging points

  • Use smart charging to reduce network capacity requirements and limit household network overload while maintaining a required charging speed
  • Reliable remote management to monitor the charging network
  • OCPP compliant to be able to connect to an EV charging platform
  • Stay up-to-date with all latest technological standards and developments
  • Manage all charge stations, both in a group and individually, from a single, centralized system

Focus on your core competencies

It is connectivity and software that enable a whole plethora of new digital services and business models. Only then, can the EVSE charging infrastructure meet the demands of modern consumers and deliver superior seamless and smart charging, payment, billing experiences. A charge station is a computer that provides power to charge electric vehicles. And like every computer, it needs a central processing unit. In the EVSE case it is an EV charging controller.

The ever-changing requirements with respect to certification and vehicle communication is hard and it’s expensive to keep up with changes in controller technology developments, both on the hardware and software fronts. Our controllers provide you with strategic competitive advantage without a significant investment.

It also helps to reduce market risks as well as technological and operational risk. Consequently, manufacturers can focus on their core competence: making and selling attractive a competitive EVSEs.

Possibilities for your charge points

EV charging has become an increasingly digital business with many requirements for remote management, diagnostics, and preventive maintenance. Charge points need to be connected for convenient and reliable remote management. Also, charge stations need to be made ready for the deployment of smart applications such as smart charging.

Turn your simple charging station into an intelligent charge station, providing much needed safety features, or consider other controllers that provide connectivity and could, in turn, open an entirely new world of business opportunities. Charge point integration is easy due to our simplified systems.
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