Create a smart EV charging infrastructure

We help companies across the world to set-up their own EV charging infrastructure with our cloud based EV charging platform.

Business models for EV charging infrastructure

EVs can charge at multiple locations in several ways. So, when taking the different regional and national needs for EV charging into consideration, the demand for charge points can become highly localized. Our cloud-based EV charging platform supports business models for all types of EV charging infrastructures.

Public Charging

Structural limitations of highly dense urban cities with an abundance of street and garage parking are the catalysts for increased public-charging demand. Public charging networks provide increased charging support and they also give EV drivers the opportunity to extend their travel distances. You can increase the availability of public charging points and can therefore provide customers with the best charging experience.

Total will install and operate up to 20,000 new EV charging points for Metropolitan Region Amsterdam Electric with our cloud-based EV charging platform.
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Business Charging

Employers can offer their employees and visitors simple, straightforward and sustainable charging for office spaces. Any premises such as parking lots, where vehicles are parked for most of the day, are suitable locations for cost-efficient workplace EV charging units.

Eneco eMobility is one of the top providers in Western Europe on the market for electric mobility in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Read how they utilize our cloud-based platform for their business model.
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Fleet Charging

Across Europe, government-mandated policies are beginning to restrict the use of internal combustion engine vehicles in urban areas. Converting your fleet to electric will future-proof your business. By electrifying your fleet, operating expenses will be significantly reduced with lower fueling and maintenance costs, while also contributing to a more sustainable way of life.

Our platform solution facilitates the transition for fleet operators to go full-electric.
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Fast Charging

DC fast charging is crucial for long distance driving and larger fleets. This method of charging allows drivers to recharge during their day for a short period of time as opposed to charging their EVs overnight, or for many hours, for a full charge.

Radically transform the electric vehicle experience by delivering a fast charging network to your EV drivers that is affordable and powered by sustainable energy.

Home Charging

Managing a home charging infrastructure will provide a seamless charging experience for your customers. Energy networks need to be able to handle fluctuations however, preventing grid overload. EV smart charging will play a massive role to cope with these challenges.

Electric Nation, the largest smart charging trial in the world, has been collecting data to better understand the impact of EV home charging on the local electricity network and to evaluate the reliability and acceptability of smart charging to EV owners.
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