Our smart charging Compact Controller

Perfect for smart home stations and single socket chargers. Make your charging stations connected and digital.
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The Compact Smart Controller

Our Compact Controller is a perfect fit for compact-design charge points that have limited available casing space. It makes every charge station connected and digital.

  • Home and small business usage
  • Smart charging functionality
  • Broad intelligence
  • Communication protocol OCPP
  • By default connectivity via SIM and LAN
  • On demand WiFi, BlueTooth and LoRa are also possible
  • Single socket

Compact Controller benefits

  • Fits in small charge station designs
  • Enables building “slick” intelligent and connected charge stations
  • Connected through OCPP protocol
  • Smart charging-enabled
  • ”Eichrecht” ready – a must-have requirement for charge points to be able to operate in Germany

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Our modular controller line fits every need. Besides the Smart Compact Controller we also offer the Smart Duo Controller.

Still did not find what you are looking for? Contact us and customize your controller to your needs!

Smart Duo Controller