Driver Care

Take charge of the journey

We are entering a phase of large-scale EV adoption. Masses of new EV drivers will need guidance on their way to countless destinations. Our Driver Care solutions help you, help your customers.


  • Mobile app

    Charge Assist helps your drivers reach their destination fast and easy

  • White label

    Your look and feel supported by our technology

  • API Suite

    Build a custom experience in your apps, portals or in-car.

  • 24/7 Helpdesk

    Benefit from peace of mind with our CPO Driver support

Charge Assist mobile app

Right by your side

The perfect charging companion, that's Charge Assist. Getting started is as easy as adding a preferred payment method, with no registration required. Drivers can find applicable charging tariffs, start and stop sessions from the app, and use priority charging.

Location is everything. Or is it?

Find chargers to fit additional, specific charging needs: filter for availability, power types (AC/DC), the right connector, and more

Choice meets flexibility

Charge Assist offers flexibility in how the driver wants to pay, for example with ad hoc payments via credit card, Google Pay and Apple Pay, or by a charge card connected to the app

Follow charge sessions in real time

By adding a card or other payment type to the app, drivers can keep track of charge sessions in one place. Drivers can easily view session history, download receipts, and follow progress of their ongoing charge session.

Priority charging

Accommodate individual needs

Although our smart charging algorithm effectively ensures that grids are not overloaded and cars are charged when renewable energy is widely available, sometimes drivers need full power right away. Priority charging helps give drivers control over their session, ensuring they can set off with a full battery sooner.


Your way to go.

Offer your services to EV drivers in a way that suits you best and boost your business via our apps. Allow users to pay directly to you with many direct payment methods offered via Stripe, or take care of it yourself using our Charge Assist API.

  • Whitelabel app

    Launch your eMobility business in days, with your brand as a strong reference point.

  • Own app

    Want to integrate our service in your own app? The Charge Assist API helps you build your own customer experience.

CPO Driver Helpdesk

There when you need us

Thanks to our 24/7 Driver Helpdesk, there’s always someone to help your drivers in case of an issue. With an average waiting time of 40 seconds, your customers will be served quickly. And thanks to our experience, most issues are resolved rapidly, sending your drivers back on their way quickly and with a positive experience.

  • This is [your company] speaking!
    Our help desk service can be tailored to your company’s specifications. From a custom welcome message to detailed tailored scripts – we can make sure your company's values shine through each step of customer care.