Our Smart Start Controller


Perfect for basic home charging stations

A simple, low cost controller for at home. Not every charge station needs connectivity.

The Smart Start Controller

Our Start Controller is a perfect fit for basic home charging stations. Very basic charging stations are required to reliably and safely deliver energy but do not necessarily need to be connected. The Start Controller has an extremely compact design.

  • Home usage
  • Basic charging functionality
  • Basic intelligence for safety
  • Single socket
  • Eichrecht ready


  • Safety – charge points can be very simple, low cost and still safe for both the user and the electric vehicle
  • Provides basic charging functionality and intelligence
  • No connectivity required
  • Very compact design
  • ”Eichrecht” ready – must-have requirement for charge points to be able to operate in Germany

See the whole range

Our modular controller line fits every need.

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Still did not find what you are looking for? Contact us and customize your controller to your needs.

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