Our Smart Plus Controller


Perfect for busy office and public spaces charging stations

Build compact charge stations with a controller that has an on-board power supply.

The Plus Smart Controller

Our Plus Controller is perfect for regular single socket charge stations.

  • Public usage
  • Smart charging functionality
  • Broad intelligence
  • Communication protocol OCPP
  • By default connectivity via SIM and LAN
  • On demand WiFi, BlueTooth and LoRa are also possible
  • Single socket
  • Own power supply
  • Eichrecht ready


  • Connected through OCPP protocol
  • Smart charging-enabled
  • No unnecessary sockets and/or connectors
  • Supports both commercial and non-commercial business models
  • Very compact design, will fit in any charge station
  • Includes own power supply unit
  • ”Eichrecht” ready – must-have requirement for charge points to be able to operate in Germany

See the whole range

Our modular controller line fits every need.

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Still did not find what you are looking for? Contact us and customize your controller to your needs.

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