Every charge station can be smart

Our range of award-winning modular smart charging controllers can fulfill every EV need for charge point manufactures.

Our EV smart charging Controllers

Our EV charging Controllers provide intelligence and connectivity to your charge station, like a digital brain. Its modularity and versatility enable building competitive and customized products easier, faster and with more flexibility. With our top-notch technology, your charge stations become software-defined and future-proof.

  • Tailor made solutions
  • Smart Charging
  • Software enabled

Our range of Smart Charging Controllers

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. Get to know more about our smart charging controllers
and learn how they can help you accelerate in the EV business. These are just examples of what is possible.


→ Home usage
→ Basic charging
→ Single socket

Basic charging stations are required to reliably and safely deliver energy but do not really need to be connected.

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→ Small business
→ Smart charging
→ Single socket

Our Compact Controller is a perfect for compact-design charge points that have limited available casing space.

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→ Business & public
→ Smart charging
→ Duo socket

Our Duo Controller is a perfect fit for heavy-duty charge points with two connectors. Perfect for busy office and public chargers.

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→ Public usage
→ Smart charging
→ Single socket

Our Plus Controller is a perfect for regular single socket charge points. A perfect fit for public charging stations.

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Benefits of our modular smart controllers

  • Our modular design offers unmatched flexibility and short lead time
  • Enabling unlimited charging network scalability via direct connection
  • Broad portfolio of smart digital services such as transactions and roaming
  • Exhaustive smart charging support
  • Fully customizable to your wishes and geographical obligations (2G, 3G, 4G)
  • Compatible with all electric vehicles
  • Supporting local and global regulatory requirements

Boost your EV charging network

  • Very quick time to market
  • Save money and time on development
  • Connected via easy remote access
  • Very reliable and user-friendly
  • Get ready to earn money with your business models
  • Future proof with automatic software updates

What our customers say

We are fully satisfied about the use of the GreenFlux Platform. Data security and cybersecurity are central in the platform, ensuring safety for our customers.

Pieter Noorman, Eneco

The GreenFlux smart charging system is effective and competitive. GreenFlux is very responsive and solutions are innovative.

Esther Dudek, EA Technology-Electric Nation