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Understanding the challenges faced by CPOs, we design solutions to help you match EV charging demand faster. Our platform reduces deployment costs & provides you with the safest, most scalable, interoperable solution available. This is what smart feels like.

The smarter e-mobility platform

  • Scale seamlessly

    Scalable architecture to manage millions of charge points, everywhere

  • Boost revenues

    Your custom tariffs supported by our billing engine

  • Charge smarter

    Unparalleled algorithms responding to demand instantly

  • Take control

    Individual access permissions enabling full control over your operations

Whoever you are,
wherever you go

In our 12+ years in the EV sector we have worked with a diverse set of companies pursuing vastly different eMobility business models. This experience has been incorporated into our platform, which is able to satisfy even the most complex use cases.

High-power charging

Transforming the on-the-go 'fueling' experience is what it's all about. But this is no simple task.

We offer the total highway charging package:

  • highly-advanced DC smart charging to guarantee continuous charging speed
  • tailored rate setting and payment options to guarantee a profitable return on investment
  • tools to help your drivers find their way to your chargers and rates

On-street charging

Available charge points in cities and public places have become a common sight. Many cities have set goals to reach zero-emission in the shortest possible time, and scaling the number of charging points is part of this.

Managing large numbers of charge points, whilst at the same time being compliant with energy and security demands, requires support from a robust EV management software. GreenFlux offers exactly this, in combination with a focus on affordable and clean energy by applying smart charging.

Residential charging

Customers feel at home with us, which is not so surprising. Our platform provides the essential building blocks for the residential charging ecosystem of today and tomorrow.

We support every charging point, simplify the reimbursement of business electricity costs, and make it possible to charge as much as possible on wind and sun, thereby saving both CO2 and costs.

  • Asset Management

    Control at your fingertips

    Installing and managing 10 chargers is simple. Building a network of thousands, maintaining it and scaling it, requires more. Our cloud-based architecture makes sure you can.

    Connecting your charge stations is key. We make sure it’s done fast, secure and responsive.

    Setup & Configuration
    Operate your locations with smart batch commands, easy migrations and granular authorisation settings.

    Diagnostics & Maintenance
    Closely monitor what is happening, receive timely issue alerts and resolve right away with our remote commands.

  • Tariff Management

    Earn a return on your investment

    Every partner who utilises our platform is unique. Therefore, we support full flexibility in creating your tariffs. Configuring time-based, kWh, and per session pricing is feasible in all possible combinations – making sure you can get the most out of your business.

    • Predefined Tariffs
      Our predefined tariff codes enable swift and effective settlement with eMSPs.
    • Promotions
      Incentivise the use of your stations by applying discounted rates at specific times or locations.

    More Revenue Optimisation

Smart(er) Charging

Optimised charging, multiple sessions at a time

Create the most cost effective and sustainable charging network. Our Smart Charging allows full utilisation of your existing grid connection. Plus, by charging when energy prices are low, you’ll reduce the costs of your charging network.

Remove grid constraints by letting our algorithm control your chargers. Smart Charging allows installation of more charge stations on the same grid connection. This saves grid expansion costs and lowers your fees.

When connected to the grid, EVs can act as flexible and responsive energy consumers by adjusting the charge rate when necessary. This flexibility can be monetised on energy markets and lower energy procurement costs.

All about Smart Charging

Have it your (integrated) way

We are ready to serve you in the way that suits your business. Start today, with our tools, apps & portals, and brand them in your preference. Or, build your custom UIs leveraging our APIs.

  • Off-the-shelf

    A real basis to start from: our tools to launch your CPO business

  • White-label

    Paint the walls of our portals & apps with your brand

  • API Only

    Take control and build your own customer experience