Project Description

Case Study : 2019 – present

Proudly powering a big charge point operator

PitPoint is an international provider of clean fuels which aims to prevent harmful emissions. They design, build, finance, maintain, operate, and service public and private LNG, CNG, biomethane, hydrogen, and electric vehicle charging stations for companies and governments.


Need for a flexible and open management platform. PitPoint needed a platform that was partially outsourced and could interface with their monitoring systems. They were looking for a flexible and open management system for billing transactions, monitoring, maintenance, and 24-hour support for their end user.


GreenFlux’s solution: Professional Platform Package. PitPoint actively participates in tenders for public charging infrastructure. The demands of innovative solutions are very high in these tenders, which are provided to PitPoint by GreenFlux. PitPoint performs the operation and runs their customer helpdesk using the GreenFlux Operator Portal Professional. An API was set up to exchange charging data for reporting and monitoring purposes so PitPoint can solve charging issues quickly for the electric vehicle driver.

GreenFlux supports PitPoint in roaming from e-mobility service providers (eMSP) that use their network to guarantee a smooth, interoperable system. Based on detailed monthly reports, PitPoint has an overview of the number of charge stations, transactions and which eMSPs have been using their network for business case purposes. Using Power BI, a special KPI dashboard has been developed for the monitoring of charge stations and transactions to maintain a maximum uptime and high level of customer support.


GreenFlux’s platform has given PitPoint a system that is flexible and open. It produces detailed reports and connects to their internal systems, allowing Pitpoint to perform their own data analysis. For customer support functionality, PitPoint uses GreenFlux for clear dashboards with real time status information and remote commands. They also use the Operator Portal Professional to outsource the software set-up of new charge stations and wholesale billing so they can focus on the operation side of business.

We can optimally manage our charging network, ensure availability, and user-friendliness to our EV drivers thanks to the use of the GreenFlux Platform.

Jan-Theo Hoefakker, PitPoint