Project Description

Case Study : 2018 – present

Managing peak hours at a large office

Enexis is a distribution system operator which supplies electricity and natural gas to customers in the Dutch provinces of Groningen, Drenthe, Overijssel, North Brabant, and Limburg. They are responsible for constructing, servicing, developing, and operating the electricity and gas grids. Enexis is one of the largest grid operators in the Netherlands.


Dealing with peak hours at Enexis Headquarters. At the head office of Enexis, there was high energy consumption during peak hours. This resulted in less energy availability for charging electric vehicles and created a problem for Enexis to expand their electric vehicle fleet. Enexis wanted a solution where they could free up energy before and after the peak and only slow down the charging stations during the lunch peak.


GreenFlux’s solution: Same grid capacity, 20 times more chargers. To solve the problem, the GreenFlux Platform used its dynamic load balancing functionality together with an online metering platform. The metering platform provided the actual energy consumption of the building, and the GreenFlux Platform processed this information for load balancing. As a result, we were able to charge electric vehicles intelligently; reducing the load on the power grid while allowing drivers to consistently leave with full batteries.


The experience shows that by applying dynamic load balancing, the maximum number of charge points that can be installed on one location is up to 20 times higher than in the case of uncontrolled charging. For this reason, additional investment to increase the grid capacity is not necessary. Moreover, by using guest charging, return of investment on infrastructure will be 5 times quicker.

Using load balancing saves us additional investment in the grid. A great, intelligent way to charge electric vehicles.

Arjan Wargers, Enexis