Project Description

Case Study : 2018 – present

Fleet management and tracking reports

Fudura provides services that business customers can use to optimize their energy supply, ranging from advice and energy flow measurements to infrastructure design and construction. Fudura also leases and maintains charge stations, transformers and switchgear installations.


Tracking and managing Fudura Electric fleet. Fudura has a fleet of electric cars that their employees use. These cars are a mix of fleet cars used for maintenance and employee-owned vehicles. Fudura wanted a detailed tracking report per cost center to monitor the charging cost per car/employee.


GreenFlux’s solution: Accurate fleet management – Reporting billing, and reimbursement. GreenFlux offered a platform solution that provided the data needed for this type of fleet reporting and management. Each employee driving an electric car has a price package for charging. When changes occur in the fleet, Fudura passes on the information about the fleet, car, or EV driver to the operations team where changes are made since this is a fully outsourced solution. At any given moment, Fudura can use the features of the platform to take full control themselves.


A charging infrastructure linked to the users pricing packages and cars in their network. The fleet manager has full control and insight based on a monthly report. Our platform allows calculations of complex information, such as license plates, personnel number, cost center, and more.

GreenFlux is thinking along with us and takes care of our business. They provide the total package and know what they are talking about.

Maarten Venselaar, Fudura