Project Description

Case Study : 2016 – present

E-mobility builds long-term relationships

Groupe Renault is the market leader for electric vehicles in Europe. Almost one in every four electric vehicles sold in Europe is a Renault. By 2022, Renault will have a range of eight pure electric vehicles and 12 electrified models, as part of the Group’s strategic “Drive The Future” plan.


Sales of electric vehicles are skyrocketing. As service and maintenance for electric vehicles is almost 70% lower than petrol and diesel cars, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and car dealerships are in need of new business models. This was also the case for Renault. They were looking for a partner with expertise and experience in EV charging services business. Our EV charging platform and EV charging cards enabled them to focus on their core business, selling electric vehicles.


For every electric vehicle sold via Renault in the Netherlands, customers receive a free charging point or a charging card with 20.000 kilometers credit via GreenFlux. Chargers can be installed at home or commercial locations. The charge cards provides access to all public and semi public charging stations via roaming. Every customer receives an online portal to get insights into the consumption of the charging point and charging card since all are connected to our cloud-based platform.


With the GreenFlux Platform, car manufacturers are able to build recurring revenues and long-term relationships with their clients, therefore compensating potential loss of service and maintenance re¬venues for themselves and their dealerships. Via GreenFlux’ products and services, car manufacturers and dealerships can build more and ongoing contact moments with clients via white label EV-services such as connected chargers, Apps and RFID-cards.

With our white-label EV charging platform, your customers will remain your customers. Get your business ready for smart charging, billing, payments and connectivity and offer charging cards with your own branding. Stay in full control of your fleet’s charging sessions, whether at home, at the office or in public. We can support end users through our retail solutions, public charging through roaming via our wholesale solutions and home charging of company fleets through reimbursement billing.