GreenFlux takes part in the INCIT-EV project to improve user experience

An electric car charging

The INCIT-EV European Demonstration Project is funded by the Horizon 2020 program. The project intends to popularize electromobility through user-centric experiments by innovating charging technologies for electric vehicles. Groupe Renault coordinates the driver-centered project which aims to improve the experience of electric vehicle (EV) driving with a consortium of 33 partners from eight countries.

The INCIT-EV project aims to encourage the development of electromobility in Europe through field experiments and addresses the challenge of how the EV user experience can be improved in order to increase EV use across the EU. During the project, a platform is developed producing two key technical solutions. The solutions are based on prior analysis of EV user needs and the evaluation and integration of charging technologies into existing infrastructure. Seven use cases are to be tested with 3475 EVs partaking in this initiative. GreenFlux serves as a system integrator for all hard and software and supports the use cases in the Netherlands and Spain, which demonstrate the application of the solutions.

The use case in the Netherlands centers around smart charging and bi-directional charging, which is demonstrated in three provinces in the northwest of the Netherlands: North-Holland, Flevoland, and Utrecht. Here, GreenFlux works with a number of partners including MRA-Electric (MRA-E) and TotalEnergies who will install and operate up to 20,000 new EV charging points for MRA-E. In Spain, the objective is to run a demonstration of secure and automatic payments for EV charging. The project also looks at dynamic wireless charging and superfast charging.

Rutger Plantenga, Head of Product Development at GreenFlux:

'We are very enthusiastic to be in this project since it involves every single aspect of EV charging and therefore also involves every single aspect of our cloud platform and services.'

By focusing on EV user issues and by removing obstacles within the user experience, it is expected that EV uptake will increase across the EU.


The INCIT-EV has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 875683.

Groupe Renault is both the creator and the facilitator of the INCIT-EV project consortium. Groupe Renault serves as the project coordinator for the European Commission.