GreenFlux signs roaming agreement with Stromnetz Hamburg

GreenFlux welcomes its new roaming hub partner Stromnetz Hamburg

GreenFlux, a leading provider of EV charging management software and services, established a new roaming connection with eRound.

eRound is a charging hub managed by Stromnetz Hamburg GmbH, the operator and owner of the Hamburg electricity distribution network and the associated grid facilities. Stromnetz Hamburg manages over 1,000 public charge points across more than 500 locations in the city of Hamburg, as well as approximately 8,000 private and semi-public charge stations. Currently, more than 50 partners participate in B2B roaming with Stromnetz Hamburg, with more than 1 million charge cards connected to their platform.

Thanks to the agreement with eRound, GreenFlux EMSP customers now can provide drivers access to more than 2,000 new charge points, located mainly in the north and east of Germany.

'This roaming agreement strengthens our EMSP offering and marks an important milestone in our expansion in the German market,' says Suthalan Gnanes, Chief Commercial Officer at GreenFlux. 'We will continue expanding our international roaming coverage with new hubs and connections to provide seamless driver access to hundreds of thousands of charge points.'

The GreenFlux roaming network now supports 3,280,000 drivers and spans a total of 233,000 charge points, including 45,000 in the German market.

Apart from eRound, GreenFlux also has agreements with major roaming hubs Hubject, Gireve, and e-clearing and peer-to-peer connections with European partners such as Fastned and DKV.

CPO and EMSP platform customers leverage GreenFlux’s flexible roaming offering to quickly and effectively monetise their business, scale operations, and deliver excellent driver experiences.