GreenFlux joins EVRoaming Foundation

A two-socket electric car charger charging two cars

GreenFlux, a leading provider of EV charging management software, has joined the EVRoaming Foundation as a full contributor. The company continues its long-running commitment to advancing technical standards and open protocols that help reduce barriers to EV adoption.

The EVRoaming Foundation manages and maintains the Open Charge Point Interface protocol (OCPI), a free and open protocol that facilitates roaming services and price transparency for EV drivers. The technical protocol enables standard connections and information transfer between e-mobility service providers and charge point operators.

For these parties, streamlining the real-time exchange of business-critical charge session data including authorization, tariffs, and charge session details allows for a great driver experience with maximum accessibility, and sets a foundation for operational efficiency and scalability.

GreenFlux, an active participant in the protocol’s development since the start and setup of OCPI in 2014, leverages the protocol within its EV charging platform.

'The use of OCPI reduces the complexities and costs of roaming implementation for all market participants, and ultimately helps accelerate EV adoption,' says Rutger Plantenga, Chief Product Officer at GreenFlux. 'With its widespread use, EV drivers confidently can access a broad, cost-competitive network of charging stations, no matter which service provider they choose. OCPI will continue to play a significant role in the growth and maturity of the EV market, and we are proud to be part of its ongoing development.'

GreenFlux is currently working to improve OCPI for smart charging, in collaboration with the other members of the EVRoaming Foundation.