GreenFlux introduces time-of-use tariffs!

GreenFlux helps CPOs set different rates during the day

The energy mix is changing.

The world is increasingly shifting from CO2-emitting energy to energy from the sun and wind. How can GreenFlux ensure that drivers are encouraged to charge their cars during periods of lower demand and greater availability of renewable energy?

Complementing the software provider’s smart charging algorithm, GreenFlux introduces time-of-use tariffs!

What does ToU mean?

Dynamic rates: fair pricing throughout the session

GreenFlux helps CPOs set different rates during the day, per charging station. The company applies the correct rate throughout a charging session. Does a driver start charging at 6 p.m., but is the rate lower at 6:30 p.m.? From that moment on, the kWh will be charged at the new, lower rate.

Price transparency: No surprise in price

In GreenFlux’s Charge Assist app, drivers can see the rate that applies for the next 24 hours, so they are not faced with any surprises afterward.

Together with the company’s smart charging algorithm, which allows us to adjust the charging speed based on the predicted available energy, the software provider can now also align the price to this capacity. With this, drivers can charge at a lower cost while at the same time topping up their vehicles with renewable energy.

Reach out to GreenFlux if you are interested in matching EV charging demand with dynamic pricing.