GreenFlux integrates with Portugal’s MOBI.E network

GreenFlux welcoms its new roaming hub partner MOBI.E

GreenFlux, a leading provider of EV charging software and services, announced it has established technical integration with Mobi.E to enable its EMSP and CPO customers to operate hassle-free in Portugal.

In Portugal’s e-mobility ecosystem, roaming connections must be realised via the Mobi.E platform, in support of building a fully interoperable, integrated, and scalable system for all the different players in the EV value chain.

Mobi.E hub facilitates a network of universally accessible, interoperable, and user-centric charging stations spread across Portugal in all the 308 existing municipalities. At present, the MOBI.E Network, or National Electric Mobility Network, comprises around 2,800 charging stations with more than 600 fast or ultra-fast chargers. It serves more than 58,000 EV drivers via 73 charge point operators (CPOs) and 27 e-mobility service providers (EMSPs) across the country.

Mobi.E believes roaming partnerships help improve driver experience, rationalise the investment on the network, and promote market competition. The roaming hub looks forward to supporting new EV drivers in Portugal with GreenFlux integration.

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For Mobi.E, it is very exciting to be integrated with an e-mobility player like GreenFlux, as it will enable new CPOs, EMSPs, and most importantly new EV drivers to access the Portuguese charging stations network which is one step more towards to the international integration of MOBI.E network. — Luís Barroso, CEO at Mobi.E.

“It is great that GreenFlux shares the same vision as Mobi.E on the interoperability of the electric mobility ecosystem,' added Barroso.

In the next few years, Mobi.E aims to support the expected growth of EVs by doubling the number of charge stations.

GreenFlux is proud to be among the first few European entities to perform integration with MOBI.E using the latest version of OCPI 2.2. This integration will enable the SaaS provider’s current and future customers to expand their reach and successfully operate in Portugal.

'Mobi.E performs a dynamic and facilitating role in the process of transition to electric mobility in Portugal. It works as a public instrument for the development of sustainable mobility,' says Suthalan Gnanes, Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer at GreenFlux. 'Portugal is a key growth market for us. We are looking to pave a smooth path for our current and future clients.'

Apart from Mobi.E, GreenFlux is integrated with major roaming hubs such as Hubject, Gireve, e-clearing and eRound. Additionally, the SaaS provider has established peer-to-peer (P2P) connections with leading European e-mobility players. With its roaming services, the platform customers can quickly and effortlessly expand their customer and geographic reach, monetise unique business models and deliver outstanding charging experiences to EV drivers.

About GreenFlux

A leader in the international electric vehicle (EV) market since 2011, GreenFlux offers EV charging software and services to charge point operators and e-mobility service providers. GreenFlux supports these businesses to scale quickly, providing a flexible, future-proof platform to manage charge stations and customers, optimise their operational capabilities, and deliver an excellent charging experience for drivers. GreenFlux is active in twenty-one countries across five continents and has powered over 2 billion electric kilometres through its platform.

About MOBI.E

MOBI.E, S.A. is a public company acting as the Electric Mobility Network Managing Entity (EGME) since 2015. The company is responsible for the management and monitoring of the electric charge stations network for energy and financial flows. It functions as a public instrument for the development of sustainable mobility by leading and facilitating faster transition to electric mobility in Portugal. The Mobi.E Network, or Portuguese Electric Mobility Network, acts as a roaming hub, which offers universal access, is interoperable, open and a user-centred network of electric vehicle charging stations.