GreenFlux expands its roaming network in the UK with Connected Kerb

GreenFlux welcomes its new roaming partner Connected Kerb

Amsterdam, September 7, 2023: GreenFlux, an e-mobility platform provider, expands its roaming network in the United Kingdom market by signing a new roaming contract with Connected Kerb, one of the largest charge point operators (CPOs) in the country. Headquartered in London, Connected Kerb focuses on both AC and DC charging infrastructure with a mission to make charging inclusive, convenient, and reliable for everyone.

With this agreement, GreenFlux adds over 2,500 charge points in the UK to its expansive roaming network, which now includes over 509,000 charge points across Europe.

This partnership enables EV drivers served by each of GreenFlux’s platform customers to seamlessly access over 2,500 charge points in the UK via their existing e-mobility apps and charge card services.

Connected Kerb delivers on-street community charging and works with local councils to support homeowners unable to charge their vehicles at home. The operator also installs future-proof EV charging infrastructure at workplaces, retail destinations, car parks, commercial real estate, and residential developers.

Connected Kerb is pleased about the new partnership with GreenFlux.

Connected Kerb is aiming to make sure that nobody gets left behind in the switch to electric vehicles. Providing inclusive, reliable and convenient EV charging infrastructure to everyone means making our chargers visible to as many EV drivers as possible. — Chris Pateman-Jones, CEO of Connected Kerb

'This partnership with Greenflux will allow users of the DKV Mobility app to find, use and pay for a charger on Connected Kerb’s network seamlessly and hassle-free,’ added Chris.

The new contract will be a key enabler of cross-channel charging across Europe and the UK. Through this contract, GreenFlux is fast expanding its roaming network in the UK market, which as of now has over 20,000 charge points.

‘We are proud to expand in the UK market with Connected Kerb. It is good to see how EV roaming is picking up in the country. Connected with their extensive charging network, it would certainly improve the on-the-go charging experiences and be extremely valuable for drivers of our platform customers,’ said Suthalan Gnanes, Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at GreenFlux.

In addition to roaming, GreenFlux’s platform customers leverage its white-label apps and APIs to monetise their unique business models and deliver outstanding charging experiences.

About GreenFlux

GreenFlux, a DKV Mobility Group company, empowers charge point operators and mobility service providers to scale their e-mobility operations. The GreenFlux e-mobility platform enables comprehensive capabilities to help customers extend their network reach, offer outstanding experiences to drivers, and minimise operational costs. Accelerating the transition towards sustainable mobility since 2011, GreenFlux has enabled a roaming network of 509.000+ charging points accessible to millions of drivers throughout Europe and powered over 4,4 billion electric kilometres through its platform.

About Connected Kerb

Connected Kerb is one of the UK’s leading electric vehicle charging companies, on a mission to change the world for good – one charge at a time.

Its aim is to make EV charging inclusive, convenient, and reliable for everyone. The company delivers on-street community EV charging and works with local authorities to support residents who are unable to charge at home. Connected Kerb also installs future-proof EV charging infrastructure at workplaces, retail destinations, car parks, commercial real-estate and for residential developers.

As smart cities of the future develop, Connected Kerb’s charge points support Internet of Things (IoT) and other future technologies designed to have a positive impact on people and the planet. The company is committed to the future of sustainable mobility and aims to ensure that no one in the UK lives further than a five-minute walk from a charger.