Charge Assist 3.0 is here!

GreenFlux announces renewed Charge Assist mobile app 3.0

GreenFlux today announced its renewed Charge Assist app, which will serve both charge point operators and e-mobility service providers by helping their drivers reach wherever they want to go as quickly as possible.

Improved UI: Find charge points in no time

Modernised, simpler, clearer, and more intuitive, Charge Assist is brand new. GreenFlux focuses on the essentials: finding the nearest available charge station and starting the session. To make this smoother, the software provider adapted the map pins with symbols that clearly indicate the availability of a charging station. Once EV drivers find a free charging point, they can simply start the session with a few clicks.

Price transparency: Know what you are paying for

Charging rates can be complex, sometimes including both a kWh rate and a start, minute, or parking rate. An unexpectedly higher bill, therefore, is one of the most important pain points for EV drivers. GreenFlux has now adjusted the app’s payment overview, which now clearly shows the rates per payment method. This way, the driver knows not only how to pay but also the cheapest way to do so.

Technology: Speeding up delivery

What’s more interesting to us, and ultimately to our customers, is what happens in the background. By leveraging Google’s Flutter technology, we are able to work with one code base for both iOS and Android devices. This ensures a faster introduction of the valuable features in Charge Assist. Plus, it helps us speed up the delivery of the several white-label apps that GreenFlux is developing for its customers.

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Charge Assist is available for download