Building a sustainable future

with the smartest eMobility solutions

We are GreenFlux, the smart charging pioneer in the eMobility industry. Our single platform empowers the most ambitious players to face the complexity and challenges of EV charging head on.

  • 85+ employees

    with 26 nationalities

  • Pioneer in eMobility

    since 2011

  • 41 million

    charge sessions completed

  • 730 million

    kWh provided via charging

  • Our story

    Accelerating the transition towards sustainable mobility

    From our inception in 2011, we've understood that the electric car would play a pivotal role in restoring the natural balance of our planet. Our founders envisioned a future replete with sun-powered vehicles and started building that future from the ground up.

    They knew that this future would not be possible without smart energy management solutions, which served as a basis of our own GreenFlux CPO charging network. But, keeping this technology to ourselves would mean we could only use it on a limited scale, reducing its impact.

  • We decided to pivot, and focus fully on EV charging software, available to all. Today, our eMobility platform solutions empower the most ambitious players, to meet EV charging demand faster. We enable Charge Point Operators (CPOs) and eMobility Providers (eMPs) to manage EV charging operations at scale, optimise revenue, extend network access, and offer outstanding driver experiences.

Proud member of DKV Mobility

In 2021 GreenFlux was acquired by the DKV Mobility Group, an important step in realising our future ambitions.

We instantly gained 90+ years of operational experience managing high transaction volumes and cross-border operations. In turn, DKV Mobility leverages our unique capabilities in EV charging and software development to mature their eMobility offering. Together, we will be able to more quickly achieve our common goal of driving the transition to an efficient and sustainable mobility future.

We continue to operate independently, connecting our customers to an ever-smarter and sustainable future.

The GreenFlux code

  • Embody sustainability

    We are committed to making a real and lasting impact in the world. We choose sustainability as our guide to ensure a positive, balanced experience for our people, our customers, our business, and our natural environment.

  • We love our customers

    We cultivate partnerships with our customers, sharing their ambitions, challenges, and triumphs. We strive to find the best solutions to their needs and make sure they maximally benefit from our services.

  • Think forward, deliver now

    We are both pragmatic and idealistic. We deliver practical, forward-looking solutions today that connect us to the possibilities we envision for tomorrow.

  • Honestly true

    We don't make promises we know we can't keep. We are honest with ourselves, our colleagues, and our customers. In other words, at GreenFlux, what you see, is what you get.

  • Charting our own path

    We try not to be swayed by the issues of the day or short-term trends. Together with our customers, we find a way forward, no matter how different that way may seem.

  • Seek and share knowledge

    We are insatiably curious. Learning helps us gain a deeper understanding and apply smarter solutions, faster.

We deliver the foundation for companies that want to build an EV charging business. It's quite cool to deliver one of the strongest platforms in the market.

Diana Gorodetska

Product Manager