Our experienced leadership team is supported by reputable industry experts and shareholders.


Floris van den Broek, Jan-Joost van Dam and Rutger Plantenga lead the GreenFlux team on our mission to build a sustainable future by accelerating EV adoption and making electric driving the new worldwide standard. The trio keeps our team firmly focused on providing the best EV charging management platform and services available in the international market.


GreenFlux co-founders Hans de Boer and Jurjen de Jong set out on a mission to accelerate EV adoption, and started by establishing an open network of connected EV charge stations that operated seamlessly within the existing electricity ecosystem. Under their leadership, the company evolved from charge station owner to CPO & EMSP, to software company offering a market-leading, global EV charging platform. Hans and Jurjen currently act as advisors to the GreenFlux management team.


We are proud to work together with top investors in energy and technology that share our values of sustainability, smart energy, and innovation.

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