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What is the difference between roaming for CPOs and eMSPs?2019-10-10T15:01:28+02:00

Charge Point Operators – We want to make sure that as many EV drivers, using third party eMSP cards and apps, can charge at your charge points.

eMobility Service Providers – We want to make sure that your customers can use your card or app at as many different charge points, operated by third party CPOs, as possible.

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What is the Electric Nation Project?2019-10-10T14:49:15+02:00

More and more electric vehicles are seen on the roads of the UK. This is fantastic news but it also provides a new challenge for the British electricity networks. Research shows that uptake of electric vehicles can potentially stress the power grid. If 30% of all cars are electric, an investment of 2.5 billion pounds would have to be made to strengthen the existing grid if no capacity management is used. The Electric Nation project researched if smart charging, provided by GreenFlux, could avoid the need to perform expensive network upgrades.
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What does your EV charging software do?2019-10-10T14:36:07+02:00

Use our white-label EV charging software to easily manage your EV charging infrastructure. Our EV software helps you set up and manage your charge points, set pricing schemes and monitor their performance. Also, we actively address grid-related issues with our smart charging technology.
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What is smart charging?2019-10-10T14:29:15+02:00

Smart charging is a broad term that is somewhat inflated, but it often means load balancing: distributing charging capacity to multiple vehicles in a smart way, such that the total available capacity for charging is never exceeded. When expanding the bottleneck by increasing the building’s grid capacity is too costly, smart charging can still increase the number of vehicles that charge simultaneously.

Cloud-based smart charging systems can upgrade a local system’s capacity to charge up to ten times as many vehicles during the day.

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