A training week for our Asian distributor Squip and its Thai car dealers

A training week for our Asian distributor Squip and its Thai car dealers

We had the privilege of inviting a Thai delegation for a whole week! The Thai delegation represented a variety of car dealers from across Thailand. The trip was organized by Squip, a distributor of the GreenFlux Service and Operations Platform and Smart Charging Controller in Asia.

During their visit, we showed our products, gave insights into the installation of charging stations and how to use our back office. Moreover, we visited Alfen with the delegation, who explained their use of the smart grid. We also visited Delta, who showed their DC Charger. Furthermore, we went to visit the RVO, who explained the public policy of EVs in the Netherlands. Lastly, we invited both Elaad and MRA to our office. Elaad discussed the institutional bottlenecks for the implementation of Smart Charging, whereas MRA talked about the growth of EVs in the Netherlands.

MRA presentation
Elaad presentation
Thai delegation overview
Visit to Delta
Visit to Alfen
We also welcomed a Chinese delegation to our office! Read all about it here.

We’re always happy to cross more borders! Curious what GreenFlux can do for your organization? Contact info@greenflux.com for more information.

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