No parking without charging

Discover our solutions for commercial parking

Wherever your customers park with you, they will also want to charge. This is the chance to get the most out of your parking assets and offer your customers the parking experience of the future. Integrate chargers in your parking garage and the charging experience in your driver app — our platform gives you everything you need to market a unique EV/Parking proposition.

The smarter e-mobility platform

  • Ultimate freedom

    Avoid vendor lock-in with hardware-agnostic charge point management

  • Cost conscious

    Smart charging on every level to optimise your charge point installation

  • Optimise revenues

    Create custom pricing models that fit your target audience

  • Global control

    Gain real-time insight in charging infrastructure across car parks and countries

In support of your
parking locations

Parking of the future includes an EV charging station. But not every car park is the same, and neither are your customers. Make sure you are prepared when rolling out your charging infrastructure, with a platform that follows and supports your unique proposition.

Space to host the future

Your parking space is the ideal place for an EV charging hub. While drivers are shopping, you enrich their car with energy. By having solar panels work together optimally with your charging points, it is also a good investment from a financial point of view.

In control at every level

Underground, aboveground, multi-story: it really doesn't matter in the parking/charging location of the future. By using Smart Charging in conjunction with a secure data connection, energy demand can be optimally matched to the building.

Revenue Optimisation

Monitize your m²

No matter the size or type of your parking, let's create a sustainable EV charging business.

  • Tariff Management
    We're sure you've done the math and created a great business model. Let's back that up with tariffs that customers understand and pay.
  • Promotions
    Attract even more customers to your parking locations, with promotional offers like credit or discount coupons.
  • Payments
    Ease the payment for your customers, by offering all options available: from ad-hoc payments via terminals or app to physical RFID cards.
  • Smart(er) Charging

    Charge more cars,
    with less chargers

    There is no better way than to get the most out of your grid connection than our unrivaled smart charging solution. Avoid expanding your local grid capacity with expensive cables, larger transformer stations and capital expenditures running into the millions.

    Smart on every (parking) level
    Not only does our algorithm smartly adjust the energy allocation to your building consumption, it also makes sure the fuse on each level will hold.

    Solar on top ​​​​​
    We’ll match the production of your solar panels with the EV consumption, saving you cost and enabling your customers to drive CO2-free.

  • Management at Scale

    Trust your local operations with our tools

    With more than a decade of charging experience under our belts we provide your company with comprehensive control tools to manage your operations efficiently and effectively. This allows you to quickly identify and solve problems, and remotely manage your business at scale.

    • Hardware Agnostic / Certification
      Take charge of what hardware you want to install at your locations. Our certification process will verify that your chosen hardware will follow your commands in an uniform way (from the cloud, via OCPP).
    • Setup & Configuration
      Promote local site particulars such as amenities, directions, and opening hours.
    • Tenant Management
      Don’t we like local staff to be empowered, to make the right decisions at the right time? Our extensive role & permission settings give you just what you need.
    • Datacom
      Buried under layers of concrete, finding a way to your chargers might not seem easy. Our datacom options will give you just the flexibility and security you need.


Have it your (integrated) way

We are ready to enrich your parking business with eMobility. Start immediately with our portals and apps, or integrate them in a way that best suits your unique business model.

  • Off-the-shelf

    Quickly manage your EV parking business with our platform tools.

  • White-label

    with your brand to spark customer recognition and build brand value

  • API Only

    integrate our technique into yours and create a proposition that stands out